Exhibition "Delights" Solo exhibition at Gallerie Fagerstedt, Stockholm, Sweden November 12, 2015 - January 9, 2016

"how to put a mattress into a coffe cup" 2015
Installation with mattress, pillows, white sheets, clothes, dolls, cable, coffe cup, turning hook, newspaper with writings and drawings

"Silence", 2015
electric cable, crystall, hooks

"Lost", 2002
glass, wall color, spray color, hanging clips

"Dream me , dream you" 2015
Photo with magnetes

"Follow me or don't" 2014
cellophane, glass color, dermatograph

"#keystrings" 1985-2015
collected and donated keys, clothes line, cellophane, dermatograph, nails

"Nature Morte" 1992
man shoe, shoe laces, porcellan flower and push pins

"Come Closer/Woman reading newspaper" 2009
photo, plexi glass, aluminium